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Bowling Pin With Vanilla Scent Dog Chew Toy

Bowling Pin With Vanilla Scent Dog Chew Toy

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Bowling Pin With Vanilla Scent Dog Chew Toy

Introducing our 100% natural rubber dog chew toy - the Bowling Pin. Made from sustainable, all natural rubber, this toy is not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. 

Whether your dog loves to chew or play fetch, this dog chew toy is sure to stand up to their rough play. This toy comes with a the treat dispenser, which allows you to insert your dog's favorite treats and keep them entertained for hours. 

The teething spikes on the toy also provide a great way for your dog to relieve their natural urge to chew, helping to keep their teeth and gums healthy. 

Plus, the dog chew toy comes with a vanilla scent, which is sure to attract your dog's attention and keep them engaged. 

Safe and non-toxic: Made from all natural rubber, this toy is safe for your dog to play with and won't harm them if they accidentally ingest small pieces.

 Durable and long-lasting: The rubber material is sturdy and resistant to wear and tear, so it will last longer than traditional dog toys. 

Sustainable: The rubber material is sourced from sustainable materials, so you can feel good about your purchase knowing it's eco-friendly.

 Treat dispenser: The built-in treat dispenser adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to playtime, keeping your dog engaged and entertained. 

Vanilla sent: This toy is scented. The vanilla scent on the toy can mimic the smell of a treat or real food, making it more appealing to your dog and encouraging them to play with it. 

Teeth Spikes: The spikes on the rubber toy provide a safe and gentle way for dogs to relieve this discomfort by chewing on the toy, while as well helping with dental health.

 Perfect for dogs of all sizes: This toy is suitable for dogs of all sizes, making it the perfect addition to your pet's toy collection. 

Material 100% Natural Rubber

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