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Eko Dog Premium Dog Mattress

Eko Dog Premium Dog Mattress

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Eko Dog Premium Dog Mattress

Introducing the EKO - EcoPur Restorative Dog Mattress by Silver Paw: Where Luxury Meets Sustainability. Elevate your furry friend's sleep experience with our innovative dog mattress designed to prioritize comfort and environmental responsibility.

  • Innovative Comfort: Featuring ProCore™ temperature-regulating graphite memory foam for a cooler, more comfortable sleep.
  • Sustainable Luxury: Crafted with upcycled materials and ocean plastics, each mattress embodies our commitment to eco-consciousness.
  • Supportive Design: Boasting a Reflex™ transition bio foam layer made from high-density soy, providing unmatched support for your pet.
  • EcoEarth™ Comfort Layer: Utilizing materials from 20 recycled water bottles, balancing ecological responsibility with premium comfort.
  • Make a Difference with Every Purchase: With each EcoPur mattress purchase, we plant 12 trees, reinforcing our dedication to environmental conservation.
  • A Bed That Cares: Join us in a movement that prioritizes both your pet's well-being and the health of our planet.

Product Specifications:

  • Large Size: 44 X 33 X 5.5 inches – Perfect for larger breeds.
  • Small Size: 33 X 25 X 7.5 inches – Ideal for smaller dogs.

Experience the ultimate blend of luxury and sustainability with the EKO - EcoPur Restorative Dog Mattress. Your pet deserves the best, and so does our planet. 

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