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5 Pack Dog Wipes

5 Pack Dog Wipes

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5 Pack Dog Wipes

The ultimate solution for keeping your furry companion clean and fresh, no matter where your adventures take you. Designed with convenience in mind, our wipes come in a resealable pouch, ensuring a fast and hassle-free way to maintain your pet's hygiene, especially when you're on the move.

Our dog wipes are not only perfect for quick clean-ups but also prove invaluable in controlling unwanted pet odors. With just a single swipe, you can effectively combat unpleasant smells, leaving your four-legged friend smelling delightful and revitalized.

These wipes are specifically crafted to tackle the common problem of dirty paws. We understand that your dog's paws can get grimy from outdoor activities or daily walks.

Our wipes offer a gentle and efficient solution to wipe away dirt, mud, and other debris, helping to keep your pet's paws clean and healthy. In addition to their odor-controlling and paw-cleaning benefits, our dog wipes are formulated with premium ingredients that are safe for your pet's delicate skin.

They are gentle yet effective, ensuring a comfortable cleaning experience for your furry friend. Whether you're out for a hike, visiting the park, or simply need a quick freshening up at home, our dog wipes are your go-to solution.

Experience the convenience, cleanliness, and care our wipes provide, making them an indispensable part of your pet care routine.

About The Design 100 Wipes Per Pack Resealable Pouch Wipes 5"x8" - 15x20cm Resealable Pouch 500 Wipes Total Materials 30%Viscose 70%Polyester

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Silvershield™ Technology

Keep the dog, get rid of the smell! Silvershield is a patented
treatment that helps eliminate odor from pets and good for up to 100 washes.
Activated silver ions eliminate bacteria on contact and prevent that lingering
“wet dog” smell in your house and car.

ColdAlert Technology™

As the saying goes, a bark is worth a
thousand words…well not quite, but when it’s REALLY cold outside it’s hard to
know if your furry friend is staying warm (or not). Enter ColdAlert™, an easy
highly visible patch built into the garment, that reacts to the ambient
temperature around your dog and changes color when conditions become more

SunAlert Technology™

Who doesn’t like a good sun tan?
Definitely not your dog and UV rays can be quite harmful in the peak of summer.
Found on the exterior of the garment, the SunAlert™patch changes color
according to UV ray intensity to let you know when it’s time to find some shade
or head inside for a treat fresh bowl of water.

Elasto-fit® Technology

With expandable neck and girth, the Elasto-fit® design comfortably adjusts to the body shape of the dog that’s wearing it, not the other way around. The design is made to hug your dog’s body, while the stretch follows your dog’s active movements.

Elasto-fit®’s innovative design makes for a quick, easy, two-step fit.
Simply lay the coat on the dog’s back and secure the strong, resistant hook & loop system around your dog's chest and girth! No more leg-lifting or struggling with arm holes, making pets’ and owners’ lives easier.

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